Practice Areas

We are a full service law firm offering practical legal solutions to our clients that match their business and personal situation including:


Criminal Law & Impaired Driving

The legal system can intimidate and overwhelm anyone. With over a decade of criminal law experience we can help you defend your name and reputation.  With extensive experience in all levels of court in Saskatchewan we will fight for your rights.

We have the extensive knowledge and experience needed so that you receive proper advice at all stages of the proceeding. You can be assured that your legal and constitutional rights will be respected and enforced, and that your trial and/or appeal will be properly handled. Our legal team has over 20 years combined experience. Let us assist you in the resolution of your case. Simply put – we focus on winning.

Corporate & Employment Law

Corporate Law covers a wide range of legal services including strategic business planning, shareholder agreements, transfers, incorporations, dissolutions and tax planning. We can help you with all of this and more. 

Problems between employees and employers can be difficult and emotional situations for everyone involved. Our team represents both employees and employers in a range of employment-related matters. We can assist you with the drafting of employment contracts or negotiating severance and exit packages. We can help ensure the employee/employer relationship is professional.

Agricultural Law

We understand that farming is more than a job, it’s a way of life. Agribusiness is a constantly evolving, increasingly hi-tech, highly regulated industry through both federal and provincial laws. At Advocate Law, we can provide cost-efficient protection to the families, and businesses in the agriculture industry.  

Agricultural law encompasses a vast array of issues, including:

  • Agricultural cooperatives, including formation and membership structure
  • Financial structure
  • Marketing contracts
  • Membership disputes
  • Crop and livestock financing
  • Farm financing and borrowers’ rights 
  • Leases of agricultural land and pasture 
  • Livestock sales and breeding rights 
  • Contracts for the storage and marketing of crops 
  • Agricultural production contracts 
  • Insurance coverage 

We are here to help maximize your agriculture business.

Estates & Elder Law

Spare your grieving family from extra stress and financial burden by carefully drafting a legally binding will that will properly distribute your estate. 

Elder law is a developing area of practice often addressing client needs that fall between estate planning and estate litigation. Elder law typically overlaps with estate planning including wills, powers of attorney and advance health directives. It also includes loss of capacity matters like adult guardianship applications as well as elder abuse including physical, emotional, and financial harm. 

In addition to wills, powers of attorney and health directives, Advocate Law has experience in: 

  • Pursuing recovery of wrongfully transferred assets 
  • Seeking compensation for inadequate professional advice
  • Applying for support of parents 
  • Applying for Adult guardianship

Real Estate & Mortgages

Making a stressful financial decision such as buying or selling property? Make your life easier knowing you have the knowledge and assistance of a skilled legal professional at your side. We have the knowledge and experience to assist you with purchases, development, leases, finance and sale transactions, from small to large. 

Civil Litigation

When a dispute requires resolution through litigation, clients require experienced and skilled litigation counsel to provide sound advice and to advance their position in the most persuasive and effective way possible. 

Lawsuits are complicated and involve many steps, including: pleadings, affidavits of documents, discovery examinations, motions, mediation, undertakings, refusals, pretrial, and trial. We provide expert litigation counsel both in and out of the courtroom. We have a history of successful court cases, and we have an equally long history of negotiating favourable settlements for our clients. 

Regardless of what representation is required, our approach remains the same – working closely with our clients, conducting risk assessments, weighing all options, and identifying the right strategy to ensure we achieve a successful outcome. Understanding your dispute is at the heart of our tailored approach. Once your needs have been identified, we mobilize and respond swiftly and creatively to reduce your risk, including using alternative dispute resolution techniques where appropriate.

Family Law

Whether you are beginning a new marriage or unfortunately entering a separation, we can help make the process easier. Ensure that you take the right steps to protect your children and yourself. 

Many family law oriented firms only offer distinct family law representation. They can offer help with property, child support, spousal support, child access/custody and divorce situations. Most firms also assist with prenuptial and separation agreements, and a few have trained collaborative law lawyers to assist in negotiating family law matters. 

Advocate Law recognizes that family law overlaps almost every part of your life. Of course we offer the traditional family law services involving mediation, agreements and resolution of your support, property and child related matters – but we take our representation further. Family law can have profound effects on your businesses, partnerships and corporations. If these family law situations are handled inappropriately, the result could be crippling corporate dissolutions or reorganizations. 

Family law sometimes effects third parties – business partners, beneficiaries under estates, and many others. Full service family law covers all of these areas, as well as many others that traditional definitions of family law simply ignore – difficult tax matters, complex corporate farm structures and successions, multi-pronged commercial real estate division, criminal law situations, and even intellectual property disputes. Our legal team can identify all the issues and help you resolve matters professionally.